What about me?  I believe we all have a story.  I've wasted a lot of my story thinking it wouldn't be okay to tell until it neared a more picture perfect life.  So now I'm 40 and realize there is no such thing as perfect.  And, I've decided there's no time like the present to start living and change the world around me.
Adrienne Graves, Founder of Bevy Girls
Photo by Stephanie Gullifer, Minneapolis

Yada, yada, yada.  What do you want to know?  Really, you can ask me anything, so if you have a specific question don't hesitate to ask.  Meanwhile:   Middle child of 3 girls.  Loving upbringing.  Moved over 30 times in my life.  I wore a gold sequin dress to Senior Prom.  I've been married to my very best friend, Jason, for over 20 years now.  He works for Compassion International impacting the lives of women and children all over the world through the Child Survival Program.  

Barcelona, August 2013, photos by Jessica Quadra photography

We have a daughter named Emily and son named Ryan.  Jason and I also had a son named Noah, for which this blog was once named.  In college I studied Theology because I failed chemistry, and because God has always been a hot topic.  As a result of losing our son, I am a research junkie on the topic of health, nutrition, and infectious disease, and have some theories about why humans are sick and diseased.  I like veggies, surf and turf, wine, chocolate, and have recently discovered the best grain-free chocolate chip recipe, which is important...to me.  One of my life goals is to set foot on every continent.

Christmas, 2012

Next to my family, I believe girlfriends are sacred and time spent together is necessary for our spiritual formation and overall mental stability, aka sanity.  I love girlfriends!!!

Pile of Feet, January 12, 2007, photo by Audrey, NILMDTS photographer

If you had asked me years ago what I would have wanted to blog about, I sure as heck would not have said death, dying, grief, heartache, loss, suffering, and disappointment with God.  I would have blogged about how much God totally ROCKS...and how He loves every. single. one. of. us.  Maybe shared some random stories, pictures, discussed women's issues, leadership development and mentoring (my former career), my passion for seeing women set free to BE AWESOME,  a bit of world travel and some random sewing projects...oh, and food...lots and lots of food.

However, I would not have chosen to blog about the ugly side of food, aka food addiction and body image.  I would have blogged about chocolate and restaurants and recipes I make up that people love, like my soup and salad recipes and allergen friendly alternatives to classics.  But, apparently life has a funny way of leading us through the thick of our junk in order to find beauty in freedom on the other side.

So, now I have two blogs I would not have started unless I had been on this journey and allowed my heart to be ripped wide open, trampled upon, and renewed.  This one where I write as my artistic outlet. The other about my journey with food addiction and learning how to love myself, called "Confessions of a 2nd Grade Closet Eater."

I hope through my candid sharing you will be encouraged on your own path to be free to be who God designed you to be.

Thanks for stopping by!

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