Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ryan's Translation

Thanks to everyone who tried to translate Ryan's language!  It was good for me to read through them and have a laugh, for sure :)

The girl you'd want to have on hand if it were just you and Ryan alone in a room is.....

Karen Hochstedler

Congratulations, lady!  You got 16 correct!  

Heather Gieske and Annie Shoberg came in with 15 answers right, or as Annie said, about 30%...which, if I should have to point out to any of you, would not take you to the next grade level :)

Here's the official KEY as translated by this guy:

Moo, moo = Cow (freebie)
Pay noun =  Penguin
Moe neen = Morning
Hail puh = Help
Honey = Sunny
Jiss = Juice
Obble bus = Applesauce
Moody = Smoothie
Icky = Snake
Eeb rah = Zebra
Hop hop = Kangaroo
Eebitt = Ribbit
Nay nay = Horse
Cow = Moo Moo
Boof = Bruce (Dog next door…)
Me Oh Me = Emily
Yay dee = Lady
Deet = Deer
Oonie = Ernie
Beet boot = Big Bird
Boot = Burt
Sue = Zoo
Rarrrr = Tiger
Boat Ee Goo = Bald Eagle
Dough Ghee = Doggie
Oat shyed = Outside
Bay oh = Bear
How whoooo = Coyote
Bieber = Beaver
Hoo hoo, ha ha = Monkey
Pwffft = Elephant
Maah tee =Manatee
Booty = Birdie
Poopie = Pee
Boobie = Boobie
Dood doy = Good Boy!
Mook = Milk
Dood nye moon = Goodnight Moon
Num num = Vitamin, or yummy
Cuckoo = Goldfish, as in the creature

Thanks, again!  That was good for my heart :)  

*Karen, email me your address :)


  1. That's awesome. I can hear him saying all those things in my head. So sweet :)

  2. I feel like I barely got any right. hahah. But I am so excited about the earrings!!! AND this is my birthday week, so even more exciting. You sent me a bday present on my 40th--REMEMBER???? hahahahaha

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    Bridgehampton, NY 11932