Monday, April 30, 2007

This is Rachel, Adrienne's friend and she has asked me to post a prayer request for her.
She is at Rose Hospital with friends Steph and Nick. This afternoon, after picking up his daughters from school, Nick drove himself to the ER because of sudden chest pain. After collapsing in the ER hallway, his heart almost stopped and Dr's acted quickly to drain water surrounding his heart. They found a bloodclot in his his mesentary vein. He went into surgery at about 7pm and is now in the ICU. Please pray for his wife for peace and for his two daughters, Kate and Annie, who saw their father collapse and are scared. Please pray for healing and this family. Thanks-


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Praying as well

  2. Praying for recovery for him and peace for the 2 girls.

  3. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Definitely in my prayers!!!

  4. Prayers are going up!

  5. Thank you Rachel! Prayers are going as we speak (type).

  6. tinytwig8:24 AM

    hmmm. life is so uncertain makes me glad for the absolute that God is. we have someone we can eternally count on!!!

  7. praying! thanks for the post, and keep us posted on the updates!

  8. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Thanks Rachel. We will be praying. Thanks!!!

    Mary Geeslin

  9. mandy7712:49 PM

    Thank you for the message Rachel.

    Prayers for the family are going up now. Along with lots hugs and love.

    Best of luck,