Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun with Em...

It all started at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science...
We hit most of the displays. Em loved it! There was a fabulous gem display that affirms my continued awe of God's creativity! And the dinosaurs! So cool! There was even a skull from a Stegosaurus that was excavated north of Denver the year Em was born. At the close of the day, Em's Nana took her into the gift shop. She chose a bag of rocks (she loves rocks! I told Em that every rock in our yard, front and back, is part of her very own collection...she thought that was awesome!) and a kaleidoscope, not one with beads or jewels in it, but a plain one that allows you to see multiples of whatever, or whoever, is on the opposite end. So, we had a little fun with it and the camera. See if you can figure out what, or who, it is in each pic!


  1. Oh that's so cool! I love museums... next time I'm in Denver I'll have to see that one. :)

    I could tell what some of the kaleidoscope images were... the face ones are so funny! That is awesome!

  2. Anonymous3:33 PM

    What fun!!! Love the pictures... kaleidoscopes are so cool.

  3. this is too weird - my mother-in-love has been sending me pictures taken through a kaleidascope all week! you must be on the same wavelength. :) very cute.

  4. Anonymous7:22 PM

    She looks so big and adorable.
    Love and miss you guys

  5. I have similar pics on my blog of a museum we visited a few weeks ago (which my older one has dubbed "the dinosaur museum"). :)

  6. jason is the only one i could see right away! must be that tongue:0)

  7. Hey Adrienne :) I loved kaleidascopes as a kid, and I still love them now! How fun to see those pics. I just had to tell you that sometimes I put your blog up just so I can hear the opening song on your list - "May Your Wonders Never Cease." I LOVE it! Of course, the other songs after that are great too. I'm thinking about you and praying for you today.

  8. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Oh wow....I had so much fun looking at the kaledidscope images.
    I really thought they were sequences or something inside till you said they weren't....WOW they were really cool. I enjoyed that very much thanks Adrienne!!!
    I'm glad you guys had such a nice time at the museum. What fun
    hugs & blessings~
    Lynda Bishop