Monday, February 14, 2011

A bit of a novice...

...and he just thought he was getting up to have a yummy bottle. Little did he know that he'd be getting a taste of his very first vittles...

Super cool dude race car bib made for Ry especially by his Nana...

...looking around, curious as to why I hadn't given him a bottle quite yet...

Sweet potatoes.
Big sis did the honors.
She had begged me to be the first one to feed him and she did a great job!
(*notice the chubby wrists...I chew on them daily...I personally think they are fabulous)
He more or less made out with his spoon, but did get some food down...

...and what he didn't get off the spoon, he just sucked off his super cool dude race car bib.

The above pictures reveal why I no longer wear white t-shirts as my wardrobe of choice :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cuteness level: Off the charts...

Obviously, I am biased. Everyone should think their kids are the cutest.

I am no exception.

Sorry for NEVER being on here anymore, if you were, in fact missing me and my randomness :) I'm busy staring at this sweet, little, chubby, yummy, tasty, snuggly, hunk of a little man and I'm loving it!


I mean, look at that face!

And those lips!!!

With this facing staring at me everyday, NO, I don't get anything all.

I personally love how chubby his wrist/forearm juncture is! OOOOOH!

Don't worry, I didn't take these today on the coldest day of the winter!

My big sis, however, sent me an email today reminding me, the second child, that the second, third, fourth, etc, kid always gets the raw end of the deal on pictures...It's not that I haven't been taking them, it's that I'm so busy snuggling him that I'm rarely on the computer anymore...and that's okay!

I just figured since Ryan is already 5 months old, I should probably share some pics so you could see how big he's getting.

My favorite things in no particular order:
  • He talks to himself in the mornings in his bed while waiting for me to go get him.
  • He smiles and brings his hands together.
  • He laughs when I change his onesie b/c he thinks I'm trying to tickle him.
  • He found his knee the other day and started cracking up, thinking it was hilarious.
  • He is a slobber puss.
  • He talks to us in his own sweet language.
  • He is in the 95%tile for his height and 45%tile for weight.
  • He is eating veggies like a champ.
  • He "holds" his own bottle.
  • He likes to smile at me in the mirror while grabbing my face.
  • He looks like Noah, which sucked at first, but Noah wasn't ugly, so it's not so bad :)
  • He, he, he...
Anyway, sorry, enough bragging. I'm in love. I can't help it. Em loves being a big sis and Jason's the best baby daddy in the whole wide world!

My heart is full...

(pictures of him eating veggies to come...)