Random Pics

Here are some random pictures in no particular order. I'll add more eventually, but wanted to share some old ones I found recently, and a few new ones.

(2012) With my beautiful mom, one year out beating cancer!  She is a rock!

(2012) Ryan, our 2 year old "Mid-Life Crisis"

Choreographed fun on the 4th of July

(2012) Celebrating double digits on Em's 10th with Nana and sushi in Minneapolis
(2012) Date Night
Proud big sister, Em, and little bro, Noah Steven Graves, 6/10/06
Noah Steven Graves, 6/10/06
She was so excited to have a little brother.  I'm so happy she was able to enjoy him at home for 7 weeks before our lives changed forever.
Noah never smiled. 
We only have a few family pics of the "original" 4 of us.  Wishing I had hired a photographer  right away to capture our lives.  How could I have known?
One of my favorites.  Em's facial expression is priceless! 
Back in the day when we used film.  A scanned picture of life with Em as a little babe hiking in Estes Park.
Em looking both ways on Pearl Street in Boulder sipping a "coffee"
My parents, Bobby and Bebe.  The most loving parents a kid could ask for...
Story behind this: Fabulous shirt I found at the thrift for a buck...downtown with her mom and Auntie Danar, looking for Bono before the U2 concert.
I made Jason take this pic off LinkedIn so women wouldn't hit on him.  I took this in a coffee shop in Cambridge, England.
I remember watching Diana's wedding.  I had a Diana calendar.  I have a Diana coffee table book.  I loved Diana.
Enjoying the bliss of not knowing anything was wrong with my sweet little boy...


  1. Adrienne~
    I have followed you ever since your sweet baby boy Noah. I had the loss of my baby son David at 5 months. You have given me such hope, intent and inspiration and I just wanted you to know that. God is using you in mighty ways. That you so much for doing all you do in His name.
    God's Blessings~
    Lynda Bishop


    1. Hi Lynda!
      I'm so sorry about your guy David! I'm not sure when you left this comment as my comment section has been a bit messed up for a while, so I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or didn't care.

      I am so sorry for your loss! I wish there were words to encourage you and take away the heartache we feel in the depth of loss, but I know words don't "fix it".

      I hope that healing will come in your heart as God comforts you in your loss, not forgetting EVER obviously, but healing!