Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My sister said I could share...

Abrahandsome went into the OR earlier to have a scope and see what his larynx looked like. The opening was the size of a coffee stirrer. They also found the presence of a bacterial infection. While he was under they intubated him and now he is resting and getting ample O2. Mom and dad are napping, too.

They want to keep him for a few days to monitor him.

Thanks for your prayers for my sister and her hubby and, of course, Abrahandsome.

I'm headed up there later to take dinner and see my little boyfriend...sweet little guy!

I have a boyfriend...

So, let me clarify all the men in my life.

  1. Jason: Husband. Best Friend. Love of my life. Hottest man in the whole wide world...to me.
  2. Ryan: Son. Little Lover. Love Bug. Cutie Pie.
  3. Noah: Son. First baby boy that ever took my breath away.
  4. Abraham: Nephew. Aka, my Boyfriend. Nickname - Abrahandsome. Turning 2 in a week and a half.
  5. Notable mentions that I love dearly: My dad; first love. My gramps; cutest old man on earth. My other 3 nephews; more handsome than a girls' heart can take, ages 24 yrs, 4.5 years, and 8 months.
*Note: I did not mention God since He's not a man...but He's number One in my love life line-up...goes without saying.

For a girl that grew up surrounded by sisters, these men have blessed my heart in very beautiful ways.

But there's just something about my nephew Abraham, my little boyfriend, that I love. Maybe it's the fact that he actually comes to me, puts his arms up in the sky, and actually wants me, his Boo Boo, to hold him. And, not just for a minute...he actually snuggles me. He loves me and I love him back.

And he needs some prayers...along with his mama and papa. Please pray for my nephew, Abrahandsome. He's pretty sick and in the ICU needing oxygen. He's got a really crappy case of the croup. Since it's not my story, I don't want to take liberties blogging about it. He's my sister's first born and they could all use lots of prayers. Thanks in advance.

These were just taken the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend...

(How cute is his Home Depot apron?!?!)
You can see how thrilled he is to be taking self-portraits with his Boo Boo...he just stuck with me because I kept letting him eat chips and salsa :)

These are just oldies, but goodies:

Multi-tasking Halloween costume/jammies...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Making Out

So, I used this as my title post here.

But, it has a different meaning to me when it comes to these cheeks.

Both sets of cheeks above are ones I don't think I could get sick of smooching on...

When I fell in love with Jason, I never imagined I could ever be in love with another man. Then I met Noah. Then I met Ryan. Of course my love for my sons is different than my love for Jason, but I have to say that meeting these two baby boys, and getting to hang out longer with the one pictured above, well, it's melted my heart and stirred up lovely dovey feelings that I am so happy are there.

I love, love, love Emily! Having a daughter is a huge joy to my heart. But I'm a messed up woman and I hope and pray I don't mess her up too much as a young girl. I'm using discretion of how much of my messed up journey I share with her and how much I shelter her from. Being a mom to a daughter is hard work. Maybe I only know this because it's been more long term and I'm still in the honeymoon stage with Ryan, but either way, I wouldn't trade being their mom for the world...I do know that.

Having a son, I probably could mess him up, too, but for now, I'm just busy making out with those chubby cheeks and super duper yummy pudgy wrists. Em wants me to think of a permanent nickname for Ryan, something that won't embarrass him when he's in junior high and high school.

Right now, nothing qualifies:
  • Little Lover
  • Love Bug
  • Sweet Baby
  • Cutie Pie, pronounced "Kew pie"
  • Yumminess
Yeah, Em's like, "Mom, you can't be all, 'Hey, Little Lover, come here!' in the grocery store when he's 13!"

She's right, but in the meantime, as long as my Peanut Butter will let me call her that, I'll call Ry all the lovey names in the book.

My prayer is that Ry will be as in love with me as Em is with her sweet daddy...at least for a little while, a mom can dream :)