The Other 90%

I've always known God was smarter than me, seeing as how He created me and all.  It just took me time to surrender my control, surrender to the truth that I don't know everything.  Or not even that, really.  I knew I didn't know everything, but I sure wanted to know.  I wanted to know the "How?" and the "Why?" and the "When?" and every other question in between.

The truth is, scientists say we use potentially 10% of our brains.  So, maybe, just maybe, God who created the whole Universe and knows and loves each and every one of us, just maybe He knows and sees the other 90%...or more likely the other 100%.

The Other 90% is what God says about us.  Not what the world or religion or our enemies or even our loved ones say about us...but what God says about us.  The Other 90% is a love story, pure and simple.

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