Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nice Segway...

When I chose to wear a skirt and flip flops to our friend's house for dinner on Friday night, I hadn't gotten the memo that there just happened to be 4 Segways in their garage...

Here's our early family Christmas photo...
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After a little practice, I was soaring along, enjoying the summer night. And, yes, I got over confident...It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt...

Things I learned from this experience: Never wear a skirt while operating a Segway. Never go barefoot while operating a Segway. Never get cocky while operating a Segway...

This is the inside of my left knee. It's bruised, swollen, and as I learned two and a half days later, infected. I went to a local walk in clinic and the nurse scrubbed the hell (no kidding) out of my wounds. Then, she proceeded to stick a Tetanus shot in my arm and the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic. No exaggeration: I would have rather birthed a third child than experience the pain of a nurse "cleaning" my raw wound. Truly, I learned my lesson. I obviously will wear jeans, shoes, and full body armor next time I mount a Segway. I am so grateful I wasn't hurt worse!

I also have been thinking a lot about the pain I have been experiencing since Friday night and am blown by the reality that Jesus' body was beaten within an inch of His life and then He was hung on a cross...for me, for you...for the whole wide world. I was bawling like a baby while sweet nurse Jean scrubbed the infection out of my wound, getting it down to the new skin. Many times I had to beg her to stop so I could catch my breath.

Jesus didn't have that luxury. He couldn't pause for a break and He didn't ask His floggers to ease up a bit. He didn't have a prescription for pain medicine. He got the crap beaten out of Him so that the devil's plan to destroy our lives would hold no weight in eternity.

He is the toughest Guy in the whole wide world! He's my Hero!


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Oh.My.Gosh. Seriously??!? That looks so painful. Note taken on the safety precautions you prescribed! I hope you heal with no other complications. Love ya, Leah

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    And how did you get that on the INSIDE of your knee????? ;) Leah

  3. Oh wow!!! I seriously felt quezy looking at that. I hope you are feeling better. Its amazing what Jesus went through for us. There is no greater love than His. Feel better soon!!!

  4. Yikes!!! That was a lesson! *shudder

    Heal quickly!

  5. oh my goodness gracious! (as we say around here!) that looks painful! the lessons we learn...and the pain we bear on the way....sometimes too much than we bargained for! i hope you get to feeling better! i learned my lesson just by watching yours!
    thinking about you and thank you for reminding the brutal beating the Lord Jesus Christ took on behalf of us. What an amazing God we serve!
    hope you get to feeling better sooner than later!

  6. oh my ouch....i felt pain LOOKIN' at it! not that it helps, but you did look pretty amazin' in that skirt and top cruisin' on a segway:0)

  7. Ouch! What a painful way to have to learn a lesson. Then again, if only we could learn some of the harder things that easily! I will pray for quick healing now.

    Jesus is my Hero, too. I am so very glad He died for our sins!

  8. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Girlfriend,The holy spirit in you is awesome.I guess the best part is when we listen,hear and see what Jesus is saying to us so we can tell others.Jesus is my "HERO". To know his love for us goes deep than our flesh and bones..WOW,he was beaten,bruised and died for us...Amazing Love.Thank you for the reminder..God Rocks !!!
    Love in Christ,Monica

  9. Oh Ade...OUCH! But great way to tie in your pain to a lesson about God's sacrifice. WOW!
    I've been out of blogland for almost a year! ACK! Facebook is no substitute...so I'm committed to coming back. I so glad your blog is one I can come back to.

  10. That was some wreck!
    And yes, your "minor" ding is nothing compared to being beaten and nailed to a cross ... and taking it without complaint!

  11. love this post...I love your heart for God and how it's always focused on Jesus...and you're funny and I hope you're healing well :)